Creative Coding Using Scratch

Computer programming is a science, and also an art. Coding using Scratch makes it more creative and funny. It provides an easy-to-use and powerful environment for kids to explore various functions of digital devices, and create all kinds of great works, for example, animations, arts, games and stories. During the process of learning and playing,[…]

Creative Coding Using Scratch

Creative Coding Using Scratch Developed by the Lifelong Kindergarten Group at the MIT Media Lab, Scratch is probably the most popular platform to learn computer coding, without the need of actually writing a line of code! It’s so easy to start with, as even kids as young as the kindergarten age can quickly learn it. It’s so powerful[…]

Scratch, bringing kids to the adventure of Creative Computing.

For a long time, computing or coding or programming puts its focus primarily on the technical details of the programming language, which makes it challenging, boring and disconnected when kids of younger age are taught how to program. However, Creative Computing (a concept advocated by Harvard Graduate School of Education) emphasizes computing should instead inspire[…]


Free Trial Time: 30 minutes Schedule: by appointment, usually on weekend. Contact us to find out how. Delivery: web conference Content: your choice of one from four courses: Minecraft, Star Wars, Flappy Code and Artist. Suitable for: Anyone who wants to know what coding is all about. Requirement: a desktop with Internet connection. Our Major Courses[…]