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Time: 30 minutes

Schedule: by appointment, usually on weekend. Contact us to find out how.

Delivery: web conference

Content: your choice of one from four courses: Minecraft, Star Wars, Flappy Code and Artist.

Suitable for: Anyone who wants to know what coding is all about.

Requirement: a desktop with Internet connection.

Our Major Courses

C.1 Coding Is Fun

Our fundamental courses for learning coding and computer science. The course has 3 levels:

  • (#C1L1) Level 1 – Experience:
    • (#C1L1J) Kids as young of age 4 – 6 can learn how to move the actor on the screen, play sound, change picture and many other things.
    • For children of age 6 – 18, they can learn basic concept of coding e.g. sequence, event, loop and so on to make funny and creative games.
    • Total time: 20 hours + practice time
  • (#C1L2) Level 2 – Explore:
    • Ideal for children of age 8 – 18 who has completed the Level 1 course.
    • Total time: 20 hours + practice time
  • (#C1L3) Level 3 – Young Expert:
    • Ideal for children of age 10 – 18 who has completed the Level 2 course.
    • Total time: 20 hours + practice time

The course can be run on ANY devices, including desktop, laptop or tablet (iPad, Android or Surface).

C.2 Creative Computing

This course has a comprehensive and full-of-activity agenda for elementary school kids to learn about computer and coding using SCRATCH. SCRATCH was created by  MIT and used by Harvard University for their educational study in schools. So far, tens of millions teachers and students world-wide have already started using SCRATCH, and there are thousands of projects published to share the amazing work and ideas.

The course has 6 modules and runs for 2 months on the basis of 1 lessons per week.

Watch the SCRATCH intro movie here.

C.3 Advanced Course – HTML & JavaScript

Do you know the famous Angry Bird was developed using HTML and JavaScript? If you want a bright career future in the IT industry, this is something you must not miss.

More courses are coming …

One-on-One Coaching

We also have one-on-one coaching for all the courses provided. One-on-one coaching can be on-site, or via web conference.

Get your kid and his/her friends/relatives to attend to receive group discount(up to 3 kids in a group). Contact us to find out more.

School Holiday Program

We run full-day holiday programs to teach kids how to create their own games or artwork by using the programming tool. At the moment, the program is only available in Sydney. Please ask us for the coming program schedule.


Minecraft, Star War, Hour of Code, SCRATCH, Angry Bird are trademarks of their corresponding owners. 

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