Autumn 2017 School Holiday Program

Coding for kids is all about creativity! And it has a lot of fun! Want to find something different this coming school holiday to inspire your kids’ talent and passion in learning? You should consider coding.

We are proudly providing dynamic, inspiring and full of fun coding programs to young kids of year of age 7+. The details can be found below.

+ Scratch is a fully visual programming language developed by the MIT Media Lab for the purpose of teaching programming to teens and other first-time programmers.
* Please bring your own laptop computer for Day 1 and Day 2, either Windows or MacBook, as we will install the learning software onto it. If you need to rent our laptop, it’s extra $20 for each day. On Day 3, we will provide devices and Lego® WeDo 2.0 learning kits.
^ Lego WeDo 2.0 is the newest product from LEGO® developed to engage and motivate young kids’ interest in learning science- and engineering-related subjects, through the use of motorized LEGO® models and simple programming.

We are serious about teaching kids computer coding. To guarantee the quality, we only keep a small number of kids (usually 6 to 8) in a class, so be quick if you really don’t want to miss! Enrollment can be done online.

Meanwhile, feel free to try those FREE courses on our website.

Course plan:

1. Classroom activity

1.1 Code Master board game by Thinkfun;

1.2 Puzzle game

2. Creative coding using Scratch

a. Installation of Scratch Offline version (during the classroom activity time), which may only take 2 minutes.

2.1 Introduction to Scratch

2.2 Simple movement, animation, sound play;

2.3 Sprite, backdrop and costume

2.4 Save and share of your work

3. Scratch coding: visual arts

3.1 Repeat, repeat and repeat

3.2 Draw shapes

3.3 Create patterns

3.4 Plot your imaginations

4. Scratch coding: game design

4.1 Ping pong

4.2 Catch me

4.3 Build, play and share

5. Lego WeDo – the junior robotics

5.1 Project 1: wiggly

5.2 Project 2: moving and sensing

5.3 Project 3: speed control

Terms & Conditions

1. No pre-requisite is needed. Anyone, with or without coding experiences can enjoy the learning;
2. Please prepare lunch and water bottle for your kid. No food or drink will be provided on site;
3. For Day 1 and Day 2 programs, please bring a laptop computer, either Windows or MacBook as we will need to install the Scratch Offline program (freeware) onto it;
4. For Day 3, no need to bring any device. We will provide tablets, and Lego Wedo 2.0 education kits;
5. There will be no internet connection during the whole program, so your kid will not be distracted;
6. The program will be delivered mainly indoor. Kids will have time for classroom activities (1/3) as well as using computer to create and share programs (2/3);
7. There may be photo taken during the program, for the purpose of recording the progress and works of children. We promise not to publicize the photos without obtaining your consent first;
8. Refund / Cancellation policy:
– 48 hours or more before the first day enrolled: no charge;
– Less than 48 hours before the first day enrolled: $30 cancellation fee;
– During the program: only the cost for the un-attended whole day will be refunded.
9. Drop-off starts at 8:30AM, and pick-up before 4:30PM;
10. You must let us know beforehand any special condition / need of your kid.

Scratch is developed by the Lifelong Kindergarten Group at the MIT Media Lab. See LEGO, Thinkfun are trademarks of respective corporations. All rights reserved 2017 by & ABN 21 317 218 707.


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